June - African American Music Month

Published on 1 June 2024 at 08:12

African American Music Month, also known as Black Music Month, is an annual celebration in the United States that honors the rich musical heritage of African Americans. President Jimmy Carter initially declared June as Black Music Month in 1979, recognizing the significant impact of African American music on American culture. However, it wasn’t until 2000 that the bill officially passed, thanks to the tireless efforts of activist Dyana Williams. During the era of slavery, African Americans maintained their cultural traditions through tribal chants, language, and emotional expression, laying the foundation for genres like gospel, blues, jazz, soul, funk, and hip-hop. Notable figures such as Dyana Williams, Kenneth Gamble, and Ed Wright have contributed significantly to the industry. In 2009, President Barack Obama renamed the celebration African American Music Appreciation Month, emphasizing its impact on American society. However, in 2023, President Joseph Biden Jr. returned to the original name, Black Music Month, honoring its roots and significance. Throughout June, music enthusiasts nationwide celebrate the contributions of legendary African American artists, past and present, recognizing their enduring influence on music and culture. 

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